Tonight’s The Night

I’m going to give up my special place. Just kidding. My Phillies host the Dodgers of Los Angeles tonite in the NLCS. I have been looking forward to this since 1993 when my favorite conglomeration of characters came so close to bringing Philly a World Series Title.

And in a “Thank God for the DVR, the planets must be in a straight line kind of thing” Life on Mars premieres tonight on ABC (Another show we’ve apparently stolen from the UK. I hope Ricky Gervais had something to do with the original). I have been waiting not so patiently for this show to start since I saw the commercial in the late summer. It stars Harvey Keitel, Michael Imperioli, Lisa Bonet, Gretchen Mol and Jason O’Mara. O’Mara appeared most recently on the cancelled InJustice, which I liked, and the Closer and is coincidentally on my list of celebrities I’m allowed to sleep with and my wife can’t get pissed. In fact the only way she would let me have a list like that is if it were all guys, and she got to pick them. I only hope the show lives up to my expectations, which are high.

While I’m on the subject of TV, whatever happened to the show October Road. It wasn’t a real favorite of mine, but the season finale last year kind of hooked me at the very end with REO Speedwagon’s Roll With The Changes playing, and the one kid confessing his crush to his older brother’s girlfriend and they start making out. It was a good ending. It wouldn’t surprise me if it did get cancelled, it was one of those shows like Party of Five and even Grey’s Anatomy, where every cast member was so in touch with their emotions and were experts at communicating their feelings with everyone they ever came in contact with. Even the guys, hell especially the guys. I don’t know one guy like that.

If you can figure out how to comment on these blogs, send me the names of more shows like that. I’m sure there are plenty.

For the record, when the guy in the second video who is watching his friend’s fake band (Called the Massholes? maybe) from his hospital bed says “Dorks,”  I couldn’t agree more.


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  1. I really appreciate all the demanding work that you have put into keeping this place going for all of us. I really hope this stays around for a really long while.