Tips For Hosting A GREEN Superbowl Party

Well, my hometown Eagles didn’t make it to the Superbowl this year (or last year, or the year before that), but that doesn’t mean you can’t still have a GREEN Superbowl party. I’m not talking about napkins and tablecloths, Mr. Selfish. I’m talking about our planet. There are so many ways (even at a Superbowl party) that we can have a positive impact on our planet and our environment. These are just a few, just something to jump-start your brain and raise your consciousness. I should mention they are in no particular order. Just because something is #1, doesn’t mean it has the greatest impact.

1. Instead of having all of your friends drive individually to your house, have your friend with the big SUV (you can always rent one if none of your friends have one) drive around the town and pick everyone up.

2. Resist the temptation to have the game on more than one TV. TVs use electricity and most of our electricity comes from burning coal. Plus, with everyone in the same room, you could turn that thermostat down 5-10 degrees.

3. When you invite people, preferably via email or over the phone (don’t use paper, or worse cardboard, invitations. Remember the trees), remind them to cut their thermostats down at home before they leave. They’ll thank you for it when the monthly bill comes, but your real thanks is in knowing you helped Mother Earth.

4. The bathroom is one of the most potentially wasteful rooms in the house. With that in mind, I recommend flushing your toilet only at halftime, and then again at the end of the game. Post a sign in the bathroom for your guests so they know the rule.

5. Staying in the bathroom, before your guests arrive fill up your bathtub with soapy water and direct your guests to wash their hands in there. That way, untold amounts of water won’t just flow down the drain.

6. Remove the toilet paper from your bathroom. Let your guests know to come to you BEFORE they go into the bathroom if they’ll need paper. You can dole out a square or two for them to use. This cuts down on paper waste (Saves more trees!) and flooding, since you’ll only be flushing twice during the party.

7. If you are serving wings, serve them early on. That way, you can use the cleaned bones as “toothpicks” in other hors d’oeurves. You can soak them in the tub to remove any meat that is still clinging to the bone. The key is to RECYCLE.

8. You’re probably going to serve beer. Keep it in the refrigerator. I know that might seem counter-intuitive, but once the beer is chilled it will aid the refrigerator in cooling the other items. Whatever you do, do NOT fill coolers with beer and ice. The polar caps can’t take the hit, and where do you think ice comes from, smarty?

I’m not hosting a party this year (I thought it would be very irresponsible considering the economy, and the near extinction of the Tiger Mollusk), but I’d be interested in hearing some of your ideas. (Comment below)

Let’s make this the best and GREENest Superbowl ever!

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  1. I think I first came across your website via a link on Twitter.. I like the way you write and I am going to subscribe to read more when I can. Oh yeah, are you on Twitter yet?

  2. the tat at 18 in canada yo