There Had To Be A Second Shoe-ter. See The Way His Head Went Back & To The Left.

ALTERNATE TITLE: The President, Two Shoes & The Best Dressed Man In Congress

I wonder if this was anything like the insurgent fire that Hillary had to avoid as she deplaned in Iraq. 

Last week I had the privelege of attending the dedication of President Bush’s portrait at the Union League in Philadelphia.  The President was there, and said more than a few words, and I was probably about as far from him as the savage in this video, and I never had the inclination to throw anything at him.  Hell I was just happy to get through the Secret Service security checkpoint.

You see, one of the features of ADD is I have no filter.  I can tell myself over and over not to say anything stupid, and it only guarantees that I will.  I was at a club in Scottsdale, Arizona many years ago, and I saw Mike Tyson walk in.  It was post-prison, so it was Mike Tyson the rapist.  I decided to just get up and leave before my mouth betrayed my brain.  It was the smart thing to do, and to this day I still wonder what I would have said to him before he punched me.  What I know for sure, I would have thought it was funny right up until I said it.

Anyway, the whole ride to the Union League I was worried about getting past Secret Service without saying something stupid like, “How do you know I don’t have AIDS or something and that I won’t try to spit it in the President’s eye?”  Luckily I didn’t because I got to see Barney Frank who showed up in drag (see photo below which I had to sneakily take with my camera phone) , and despite his differences with the current administration, even he didn’t throw one of his pumps at the guest of honor.

Barney Frank ?

PS  Barney, if you are reading this, I knew it was you all along.

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