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Well, that didn’t take long.  The twins I foreshadowed in my last entry arrived yesterday and are a little over a day old as I am writing this.  Yesterday at 6:32 my second son was born, four minutes later my first daughter jumped feet first into the world, and I have a feeling he will hold those four minutes over her head as they get older.

I know artists of all types have tried to capture the beauty of that moment when a new life enters the world.  Poets, painters, sculptors, musicians (hell Live did it twice), filmmakers, photographers and countless others have all done it, so I’m not going to over philosophize about something that happens many times every day.  All I can tell you is that when my first son was born, almost seven years ago, I never felt more in love with two people in my life.  And that feeling was just as strong yesterday as it was in November of 2001.  It’s better than the euphoria from any manufactured high, and it doesn’t seem to weaken.

It actually all started on Friday afternoon when my beautiful amazing wife drove herself about 40 minutes downtown for a scheduled doctor’s appointment, while I was videotaping my son, Soupy Jr.’s camp talent show at the same time.  Originally she had been scheduled to be induced this coming Thursday.  Anyway, when she was at the doctor’s office they decided to send her over to the hospital, so she walked the two and a half blocks over to Labor & Delivery.  Everything was looking good and they decided they were going to induce that evening.  Well the hall got busy and they were short on nurses, and since we were not an emergency of any kind they sent us upstairs to get a good night’s sleep and let her eat, and they would induce in the morning.

The next day we finally made it back downstairs at about 11:30, and I guess at about 1:30 they started the process.  As all this was going on, the power at the hospital went out.  I rushed home to get some last minute things and make sure my older son was situated with his Gramps.  When I go back to the hospital, my wife had just requested an epidural, and about an hour after that (in which time she had dialated from 4 cm to 10 cm) they took us into the OR.

It couldn’t have been more than 25 minutes later that my son, Eli was born.  Not to be outdone, my daughter Colby was pulled out breach.  Everyone was amazing, especially my wife, who today I am absolutely humbled by.  Everyone is happy and healthy and as far as I’ve been told will be coming home just after noon tomorrow (less than 48 hours after they were born).

I hope that all made sense.  I’m actually still under the influence and a bit delirious.

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