TeeShirtSoup.com Presents: Asshole or Not An Asshole?

Wow, here we are again! Another candidate for Asshole or Not An Asshole so soon? Okay here are the facts as we know them today (and let’s be honest that’s really all we need to be comfortable judging someone):

Controversy swirls around a non-publicly identified woman who gave birth to octuplets in California earlier this week. That alone is news-worthy, so it would just a matter of time for the rest of the story to come out. And come out it did.

The octuplets were the result of in vitro fertilization, which is typically an expensive proposition and seldom covered by health insurance. It is also usually a bastion of the childless. The UFO (Unidentified Fertilized Octuplet-haver), who is thought to be unattached and living at home with her parents, already has 6 kids.

The father(s) don’t seem to be in the picture, since her father is headed back to Iraq where he worked as a contractor, to help support the expanding brood. Maybe his daughter was trying to get a TV deal with TLC, ala Jon & Kate Plus 8, before he made the decision to leave. Hopefully her name is Eileen, or Irene, or Colleen, or Sasheen, or something that rhymes with 14.

Publicly Unidentified Mother of the California Octuplets: Asshole or Not An Asshole?

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2 Responses to “TeeShirtSoup.com Presents: Asshole or Not An Asshole?”

  1. I am very conflicted on this one. I don’t believe anyone has the right to tell you how many kids you can have. China, anyone? Yet, I am convinced she has an ulterior motive. I think she sees a TV show in her future. I actually hope so, so we don’t end up paying for those kids through some government program.

  2. Definitely ASSHOLE.