TeeShirtSoup.com Presents: Asshole or Not An Asshole


Please listen to the following 911 call before continuing to the next paragraph.  In the interest of full disclosure it is from 2005, and since no officers responded to the scene, the legitimacy of the call is undetermined.  It is however an actual 911 call.

Burger 911 Call.wma
Instructions for listening: Click on the link above, you will be directed to another site. Click on the red DOWNLOAD button, then choose OPEN. The clip will play on your Windows Media Player. Sorry, that’s about as easy as I know how to make it.

Personally, I love the sense of entitlement she feels not only for herself, but for her children as well.  Why should any of them have to settle for less than what they want?  And hey, haven’t we all required a little police protection from the slapdashery with which these fast food chains assemble our orders?  Forget that the Western Barbecue Cheeseburger is a Carl’s Jr. item and she’s in the Burger King drive-thru.  What happened to “Have it your way” anyway?

I guess Leo Getz was right, “They always screw you at the drive-thru.”

I gotta ask, Orange County Soccer Mom who called 911 over a cheeseburger: Asshole or Not An Asshole?

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One Response to “TeeShirtSoup.com Presents: Asshole or Not An Asshole”

  1. I gotta give her credit for having the balls to call 911 over a burger. BUT, what an idiot. I can’t say she is an asshole, but she’s definitely a few bricks shy of a load. I can’t believe the 911 operator stayed on the line that long!!! Awesome.