TeeShirtSoup.com EXCLUSIVE: Look Who I Ran Into On The Beach


I was walking along the southern New Jersey coast when I noticed a newly acquired ”friend” a few beach umbrellas away. My elation at spotting him quickly evaporated the moment he spoke as I should have known it would.

Pat Barringer was lying on an oversized towel, holding court with what looked like a few of his friends. His hormones must have really been raging because he was especially surly.

TeeShirtSoup:  Pat?  Pat, holy shit, is that you?
Pat Barringer: How many other pregnant guys do you know? Who the fuck are you anyway?

TSS: It’s me, Soupy.

TSS: From TeeShirtSoup.com…

TSS: You gave me exclusive rights to your story… I interviewed you a few weeks ago…

TSS: I paid you fifty bucks.
PB: (slurring) Yea, I remember you now. I’ll let you get a beach picture of me for another twenty.

I handed him two tens from my wallet. He added them to a pretty substantial wad of cash he held tightly in his left hand.

TSS: You haven’t been letting other people take pictures of you for money, have you Pat?
PB: No man, we had a deal. Most of this is from the news crew that was here about an hour ago.

TSS: Great, thanks Pat.

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