Summer Concert Series Suggestion


We’ve all gone to concerts where either the band doesn’t play any of their old stuff, or when they do you can’t recognize it because they’ve fucked with it so much.  I know, it can be very frustrating (pronounced fustrating).

It is in that spirit that I address the many bands from my youth, complete with new front men, doing the state and county fair circuit.  Here’s an idea that will make us all happy:  Album Shows.  What’s an Album Show, you ask?  A band performs one of their albums start to finish, minimal chit-chat, minimal fucking with the songs.  That way, we know what we’re gonna get, and the bands get to play a good mix of hits and obscure stuff.  Tell me you wouldn’t want to be in attendance for any of these shows:

Fleetwood Mac performing Rumours
Boston performing Boston
Exile on Main Street performed by The Rolling Stones
The Who performing Who’s Next
The Dark Side of the Moon/Pink Floyd
Back in Black/AC-DC
Apetite for Destruction/GNR
Toys in the Attic/Aerosmith
Ten/Pearl Jam
London Calling/The Clash
Thriller/Michael Jackson

Well, I guess that last one’s not gonna happen… unless of course MJ faked his death to escape his creditors. But you get my point. Comment me with the show (or shows) you’d most like to see.

PS Check back soon, I’m working on an article about the pussification of the American vampire.


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5 Responses to “Summer Concert Series Suggestion”

  1. GnR Appetite for Destruction

  2. Not sure that this is true:), but thanks for a post.
    Have a nice day

  3. Ahhh…. truly a post after my own heart. This summer, the Cult did a similar thing, performing the album “Love”. Simply awesome.

    Wouldn’t it be killer to see some groups forced to perform their music live? I’d pay to see that Rockwell guy perform “Somebody’s Watching Me” live… of course, we’re right back to that Michael Jackson issue… but still…

    OR… why not have a band that released a shitty album get forced to play an equally shitty album by an even shittier band? “AC/DC, your last one blew monkey dick. You shall tour American Samoa playing Tiffany’s “New Inside” album, and all encores will be from Neil Young.” Come to think of it, anything by that guy is punishment enough.

    That said… I look forward to the vampire piece! (I’ve thrown down my $.02 on that before… but centering on the American vampire, well… you had me at “pussification”. Hope all is well!!

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