Soupy’s Spotlight – Jay Larson

Comedian, Jay Larson taps into some of those childhood fears that have somehow stuck with us in his Comedy Central Presents special which premiered earlier this month and can be found OnDemand this month on Verizon Fios anyway.  Hailing from Stoneham, Mass, Jay mixes his wildly imaginitive streak with some keen observations to provide material with definite mass appeal and some outside-of-Mass. appeal as well.  I laughed hysterically during his half-hour special, and look forward to seeing the next one.  To me it was more than a stand-up act – it was a performance.  Below are some of my favorite moments.  Enjoy.

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Jay Larson – Good Luck
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Jay Larson – Unfinished Basement
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Jay Larson – Scary After Midnight
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