Soupy’s Pledge

Talking about people behind their back is really easy (and fun), especially in a scarcely read blog. Last night I decided I didn’t want to be that guy. Don’t worry, I still plan on trashing people. Like I said it’s easy and fun, and I’ve never been a guy that would turn down either. Instead, I decided I was going to contact the people I have talked about in my blog and send them a link to the post they were featured in.

To that end, I contacted Al Gore’s people and forwarded them the link to my Asshole or Not An Asshole post, asking them to forward it to Mr. Gore. Now I just need to drop a line to Tom Cruise, Michael Phelps, his mom, the octuplets’ mother , Heath Ledger (that could be a tough one), tree surgeons, and countless news anchors.

My plan is to not say anything about someone that I would not say in front of them. If I do hear back from any of them (which is doubtful, considering I contacted Mr. Glenn Beck about a positive post I wrote about his novel, and didn’t hear back from him either. Hey, these people are busy, that’s why we write about them) I will most certainly post their responses in the appropriate places. It would be good to have that balance.

To avoid any Imperial entanglements, I will not be contacting the President of this great land. He’s gotta know there are dissenting voices out here, he doesn’t need to hear mine more clearly. And yes, I am a little scared of his crew. His chief of staff is missing a finger and has a tear drop tattoo for God sake, and probably a spider web on his elbow, not to mention the letters B-U-S-H tattooed across his knuckles.

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