Somebody Please Help Me With A Title For This One

Amy Borkowsky is looking for Mr. Right, and she’s convinced she just needs $3 million to buy a 30 second spot during Superbowl XLIII to find him.

She has a website where she promotes herself, her plan, and accepts donations. With a little more than 4 days left until the big day and with five spots left for sale, she needs only $2,993,940. She did say that if she does not reach her goal, all donations will be forwarded to The United Way.

Not wanting to come right out and say how old she is, she lists her age as somewhere between Carrie and Samantha. I needed some help to realize that was a reference to Sex and the City, since guys don’t watch Sex and the City. I, myself, actively hate Sex and the City. Perhaps it would be less confusing (not to mention accurate) to us guys if you list your age as somewhere between Joe Namath and Sonny Jurgensen.

I feel a little dirty even linking to her site since I’m pretty sure she is just trying to get attention, and sell more of those “comedy” CDs of hers. And even if I’m wrong, why the hell would anyone care if she found a guy or not? I hope she does reach her goal though, at least I’d know when I’m gonna use the bathroom on Sunday.

For the $6,000+ she’s already raised I would gladly sell her 30 seconds on my site to run a Soup-er Bowl Ad.

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3 Responses to “Somebody Please Help Me With A Title For This One”

  1. Okay this is scary, I was reading Amy’s Stats page, since I only skimmed it during my research. When describing her ideal man, she said she wouldn’t rule out a creative accountant. It’s like she knows me.

  2. Did you say accountant?

  3. Indeed I did, O Prognosticator of the Ponies. We really need to watch our backs in ’09. Accountants seem to be the new rock stars. There are groupies outside my office at all times of the day, I’ve even taken to ordering my lunch in.