Shamrock Day? Stop It.


Card shop banners proclaimed yesterday Shamrock Day (it has a nice anti-religious ring to it, doesn’t it), the Disney Channel used the term as well, and even some communities have changed the name of their St. Patrick’s Day celebrations to the new, “non-offending” name.

The movement to rename St. Patrick’s Day, like most assanine movements, seems to have started in California. Care to guess if it was northern or southern? A representative from the wonderfully eco-friendly sounding Habitot Children’s Museum cited the need for “cultural diversity to our audience without broaching religious boundaries.”

Okay, my Irish blood is boiling, I am so pissed. First of all to card stores: Go fuck yourselves! Take your six dollar Hallmark folded cardboard pieces of shit and stick them up your collective ass. Nobody needs St. Patrick’s Day cards, and we certainly don’t need Shamrock Day cards.

To the Disney Channel, let the asshole college professors indoctrinate my children to the liberal-socialist-politically-correct agenda that has been pushed in this country since Clinton was in office. I’m sure they will still be impressionable enough then. All I want from you is a happy mouse with a high pitched voice prancing around making my kids smile (oh yea, and shorter skirts on that Hannah Montana chickie).

The holiday is St. Patrick’s Day (or I will even accept St. Patty’s Day), if you do not like the name or it offends you, don’t celebrate it. It really is that simple. I swear to fucking G#% (I don’t want to offend anyone with my religious ideology), if somebody wishes me a “Happy Shamrock Day,” I will spit in their face.

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7 Responses to “Shamrock Day? Stop It.”

  1. Happy St. Joseph’s Day or ____________ (fill in the blank) Day if you’re from Hallmark…

  2. I just hope that la Cosa Nostra is still strong enough to combat this politically correct army when they try to rename Columbus Day. I’m thinking it will be something like Discovery Day. Instead of celebrating the discovery of this greedy, wretched country and our theft of it from the indigenous people, we could all take time to discover ourselves, or to celebrate our ancestors who had the courage to come here despite our traditional hatred of foreigners (especially darker skinned ones). Hell, let’s just call it Diversity Day.

  3. Ahh California. They may as well remove the San from Francisco and Diego. And if the stupid woman were a priest in Cali and got caught with pictures of a boy instead of a dog they’d celebrate and refer him to NAMBLA.

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