Racism Czar Sworn In In Secret Ceremony

WASHINGTON D.C. – In light of the recent events in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the time just seemed right for installing a new Czar; one that would monitor and rule on all issues of race.  His/her identity, and most importantly race, will be kept hidden so that they are able to perform their job without prejudice.  So don’t be startled if you see a government official on television who is covered from head to toe, it’s probably just the new Racism Czar (pictured).


In a private telephone interview, the Czar confided to TeeShirtSoup.com that their first order of business would be to review all racist jokes and categorize them as either funny or not funny.  Those that are deemed “not funny” will be either “punched-up” if possible or simply eliminated.  The Czar would not reveal any plans beyond that. 

Although the Czar spoke through a voice distorting instrument, I did detect a slight southern drawl.

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5 Responses to “Racism Czar Sworn In In Secret Ceremony”

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