Photobucket or Photobullshit?


Wow, no new posts in forever then two in one night?

Okay, I use photobucket to host the pictures on this site. While I was uploading or downloading the pinata picture for the last post, I noticed that one of my pictures had been removed from Photobucket because it violated their Terms of Use. Honestly, I couldn’t remember what picture it was, so I copied the HTML code and saw that it was a pic labeled ‘KKK.’

I then remembered it was from a satirical post I had written as an Onion type news story about the appointment of a Racism Czar. It was a picture of some seemingly highly decorated KKK guy, who looked more foolish than menacing. I understand we live in a racially charged society, but doesn’t context mean anything anymore. The post, as well as the use of the picture, was purely and blatantly satirical. Photobucket’s reaction was a bit over the top, especially considering they have no problem hosting pictures of eighth grade girls in bikinis or less.

I hope Photobucket doesn’t take this out of context, “To whom it may concern at Photobucket, go fuck yourself!”

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One Response to “Photobucket or Photobullshit?”

  1. Welcome back Soupy…love that your back with fervor.