To those of you who know me (which I imagine is all four of you reading this), you’re probably wondering what happened to my potty mouth.  “He hasn’t said anything embarrassingly inappropriate,” you’re saying to yourself, “he must have gotten his filter fixed.”

Well, the fact of the matter is I decided it is probably for the best to keep this beeping site PG-mother-beeping-13.  So if you wanna read about girls beeping guys beeps or guys beeping girls beeps or beep, or for that matter guys beeping other guys’ beeps or sticking their beep into another guy’s beep or a gal getting her beep beeped by another eager gal, this may not be the beeping place for you.

If you are into a bit of the old ultra-violence, this may not be the place for you either.  I won’t be blogging about people getting their heads beeped off or kidnapping small children and beeping them in a small dark damp closet where they keep beeping them until they beep.  That would be just too beeping tasteless, and I think we can all agree teeshirts and teeshirt sites should be beeping classy.

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2 Responses to “PG-13”

  1. This place seriously keeps getting bigger all the time. You should honestly be proud.

  2. Thank you a lot for your post. I have enjoy reading it and have learned.