Okay, American Idol kicked off this week (yes, I watch American Idol), and I got to see about 53 minutes of the first four hours.  And guess what?  Against everything I believed, I still survived. 

I actually think I saw more media coverage of Idol’s season premiere that I did of the actual show, and as I assumed, speculation raged over the addition of a fourth judge, Kara DioGuardi.  Is Paula finally checking herself into an asylum?  Is Simon leaving?  Most news outlets agreed she was brought on board to help with sagging ratings among younger viewers.

I haven’t seen enough of the show to form a real opinion about her either way (not that that’s ever stopped me before), but I do have a few suggestions to make the show more appealing to younger viewers.  First, no more Burt Bacharach nights.  Don’t celebrate the musical stylings of Barry Manilow anymore, and maybe have Tony Bennett stay at home.  I know the Beatles were a pretty big act in their day, but two weeks of songs from the Beatles catalog seems a little excessive.  And any contestant who sings “Ribbon In The Sky,” by Stevie Wonder gets tazed right there on the spot by Paula. 

I’m sure I’ll have some more fixes for AI’s producers as the season progresses.

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