No Blog War At This Time

I tried to engage another blogger whose blog I was turned onto by a friend.  It’s a real snoozer and I’m not sure whose benefit he is writing it other than his own.  I was unsuccessful in taunting him because he turned off the setting to allow people to comment on his posts.  Who does that?  I guess his posts are just so complete and perfectly crafted that they require no comment, which is just as well because no one I know would still be awake by the end of the post.

I just wanted to leave some inane insipid comment like “This is no blog.  If you wanna see a blog, go to”  Anyway I was so pissed that I couldn’t do that I went to the CONTACT page hoping to email him.  But that was not an option, so I fired him off a letter but I fear it won’t have the same sting in three days.

Anyway, I had to laugh at the post I linked to above in which he talks about attending a wedding.  Did you notice where he sat at the reception?  I’ll wait.  Okay, long enough.  He was placed at the table with the minister who performed the ceremony.  That’s the tard table!  Who else was at the table with you, the groom’s Aunt Ginny with her glass eye?  I can see it now, the happy couple is working on the seating chart, and she asks,

BRIDE:  Where are we gonna put your friend, the Service Design guy?

GROOM:  I thought he was your friend.

BRIDE:  You’re kidding, right?  If I hear the words Service Design one more time, I think I’m gonna scream.

GROOM:  I guess he can go at the Tard Table with my Aunt Ginny and the priest.  Let him bore them to death.


I’m not expecting to hear back from him, and it’s probably not even worth declaring a blog war.  I just wanted to share a laugh I had based on his table assignment.  He certainly didn’t make it to the young cool couples table or even the desperately single friends table.  Hell, it sounds like he didn’t even get an “and guest” invite.

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2 Responses to “No Blog War At This Time”

  1. actually u couldnt cry under water because when you cry you inhale and exhale quite frequently wich would make you drown

  2. Say I freeze meat in January. The package has an expiration date of February. When I thaw it in June, why doesn’t it remember immediately that it should have gone bad four months ago?