NFL Office Pool Picks – Week 4


Looking to right my shit  …errr ship.

Bears over Lions. Oh my. The Bears are no Redskins
Bengals over Browns. What the hell is Man-Genius doing in the Rock and Roll City? Until he wins, I’m not picking the Browns. Unless they play Pittsburgh (sorry Dave, but what the hell is going on in the Steel City?)
Raiders over Texans. Just a hunch.
Colts over Seahawks. Colts win this one even if they only have the ball for 6 plays this week.
Jaguars over Titans. I seem to never have any analysis for Jaguar games.
Giants over Chiefs. Seems so easy that it wioll probably go the other way.
Ravens over Patriots. Welker questionable, Moss questionable. Who’s Brady gonna throw to when he’s running for his life?
Buccaneers over Redskins.
Dolphins over Bills. Tony Sparano wins this one. Avoids getting whacked.
Saints over Jets. Brees stays undefeated longer than Sanchez.
Broncos over Cowboys. Romo chokes on thin air.
49ers over Rams. Rams stink.
Chargers over Steelers. Tomlinson’s probable. Rivers is just brash enough to pull off a night game win in Pittsburgh.
Vikings over Packers. Packers more emotionally invested in this game. Emotion leads to over-pursuit, and wears off quick.

I could go 12-2 or 2-12, and I wouldn’t be surprised at all the way this year’s going. My prediction is 9-5.

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