NFL Office Pool Picks – Week 2

Wow, that week flew.  I expected to have at least one post between the two football picks, but just never got to it.  Sorry… or you’re welcome depending on your taste.

Again, all picks are straight up with NO pint-spread.

Falcons over Carolina.  As a resident of Philadelphia, I know that AJ Feeley is not the savior that will lift the Panthers to victory.
Redskins over Rams. Rams will score this week. Maybe.
Titans over Texans. Titans are prime for a letdown already in week 2, but the Texans don’t look ready to take advantage of it.
Saints over Eagles. As a resident of Philadelphia, I know that Kevin Kolb is not the savior that will lift the Eagles to victory. Inspired play from Garcia (if he gets in) may get them close, but they won’t catch the Saints’ offense.
**UPSET SPECIAL** Jets over Patriots. I originally liked the Patriots, but then remembered that Rex Ryan’s defensive game plan dealt the Pats their first loss (although the record didn’t reflect it) in their “undefeated” season. I look for Brady to be confused most of the day. If Sanchez has just a workmanlike day, I like their chances.
Raiders over Chiefs. I thought the Raiders looked good on Monday night.
Jaguars over Cardinals. It pains me to pick against the Cardinals 2 weeks in a row, but their record on the east coast last season was abysmal.
Packers over Bengals. I just hope this games not on my network this Sunday.
Vikings over Lions. Favre’s first game inside this season. Oh who cares?
Bills over Buccaneers. Tough one. Bills could come out flat after tough division loss on MNF.
Seahawks over 49ers. Tough division game.
Steelers over Bears. As long as the Steelers are within 10 points goin into the 4th qtr., you can’t not like their chances. Fucking Roethlisberger.
Browns over Broncos. A guess.
Chargers over Ravens. Chargers are at home, and should eke this one out.
Cowboys over Giants. Cowboys new stadium vs. Eli’s new contract.
Dolphins over Colts. Bounces go Miami’s way.

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One Response to “NFL Office Pool Picks – Week 2”

  1. Nice post, I’m a HUGE NFL fan, love watching it all sunday every sunday. I got my two tvs going usually and I put a few live streams online on my laptop and watch online as well. Look forward to reading more posts, keep up the good work.