NFL Divisional Playoffs – Sunday’s Games

Okay, whatever I say, do the opposite.

Game 3:  I like the Eagles going into North Jersey and taking care of their business, but a bunch of things will need to happen if they’re gonna do that.  First off, Westbrook’s gonna have to be healthy enough to attract some of the Giants’ attention.  The Eagles’ defense is going to have to find a way to stop Brandon Jacobs, who’s back this week.  And they’re going to have to play opportunistic defense.  A defensive, or special teams score could be the difference in this one.

Eagles  24   Giants  17

Game 4:  I hope the Steelers win.  Can you imagine a Ravens/Steelers AFC Championship game?  I think the weather is in Pittsburgh’s favor today, which should also slow down Darren Sproles on special teams (if they kick it to him)  I don’t expect Sproles to be as effective offensively this week either, since LT was expected to be out and the Steelers D (the #1 OVERALL DEFENSE in the league) could gameplan for him.  That said, I don’t expect Pittsburgh’s offense to light it up either.  A low scorer that will be decided in the 4th.

Steelers  19   Chargers 13

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One Response to “NFL Divisional Playoffs – Sunday’s Games”

  1. 50%–not too bad, at least u picked the pa teams right