NFL Divisional Playoffs – Saturday’s Games

Game 1: Well, Baltimore is the chic pick, and with good reason. They do have Ed Reed leading the NUMBER 2 overall defense in the league. Despite the strong defensive play from both teams, I do think both teams will be able to run the ball somewhat effectively. The Ravens may have a slight advantage there, especially if Haynesworth and Vanden Bosch are not able to go the whole game. But you can’t discount the respect factor, and Tennessee has to feel like they’ve been the forgotten team all year, and no one can use that to their advantage better than Jeff Fisher. I like the wiley coach and the wiley veteran quarterback over the rookie coach and rookie quarterback in this one, although I wouldn’t mind eating crow (Raven) afterwards. Titans in a higher-scoring-than-you’d-think, close one.

Ravens 27 Titans 30

Game 2: If Anquan Boldin can’t go (as it appears right now), the Panthers will be able to key on Fitzgerald and it will be a long day for Warner and the Cards. I expect Arizona to make a game of it in the first half, but Carolina should pull away in the second half.

Arizona 20 (on a late garbage time TD) Carolina 31

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7 Responses to “NFL Divisional Playoffs – Saturday’s Games”

  1. Okay, I really don’t mind being wrong in game 1, I’ve been wrong all year. I hope I’m wrong in the second game too. I actually like the Ravens’ thugs (I mean you can’t tell me Ed Reed, Ray Lewis, and Willis McGahee don’t look like they just walked off the set of “The Wire”) but there were two non-calls in Tennessee that may have cost the Titans the game. There was the delay of game that was never called against the Ravens, and even before that when Balty-more was backed up to there own half yard line, Flacco was scrambling in the end zone, and I swear he stepped on the back line, and they never showed a replay. It could have been a different game.

  2. Firstly, saying Ed Reed is a thug is like calling Mother Theresa the anti-christ. The man has never had a run in with the law, EVER. You’ve got every reason to criticize Ray Ray, but stick to facts. Facts like the Ravens won, because they earned it. Sure we got a break on the non “false start” call. Still, the defense has to step up and make a play regardless, because the defense should always play til the whistle is blown. ALSO, Flacco did not step out of the endzone. The replays clearly confirmed it. I never complained about the call on Suggs that let Tennessee come back and win in Baltimore earlier in the season. Tennessee beat themselves, and the Ravens capitalized on it. I suggest you start thinking before you go posting comments on public websites. You could embarrass yourself…

  3. I don’t recall saying Ed Reed is a thug (even though he did go to Thug U). I said he looks like he stepped off the set of “The Wire” (I think it’s the beard) I still say it looked like Flacco stepped out. I don’t know where you were watching the game that you saw a replay, because they didn’t show one here in Philly. And thanks for your concern, but I’m no stranger to embarrassing myself.

  4. Could I have been more wrong today? Two birds are going to their Conference Championship next week, hopefully a third will earn a trip tomorrow. I assumed that the Cards had as much of a chance of beating Carolina as I do getting a lap dance from Mother Theresa.

  5. Hell, everyone misses a pick every now and then (i certainly do with my handicapping)….keep on keeping on.

    Here’s a great post on anonymous commenters….enjoy.

    Go Eagles.

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