NFL 2008 – Week 8

Here are the picks no one is waiting for anymore, but I’ll be honest it makes me feel good just to post something.

Buccaneers over Dallas.  I figure if the Rams’ D can shut down the Cowboys, Tampa should shut them out.  Look for either TO or Roy Williams to leave the game early.

Redskins over Lions.  Unlike the Rams, the Lions won’t get their first win against the Skins.

Dolphins over Bills.  My upset pick.  Phins are at home against a divisional foe.  They’ve got as good a chance as anyone.

Patriots over Rams.  Hazlett’s streak comes to an end in blustery New England. 

Saints over Chargers.  Chargers traded a coach who couldn’t win in the post-season for one who couldn’t win in the regualr season.

Jets over Chiefs.  Against just about anyone else I would relish picking against Brett “Every play’s a Hail Mary” Favre, but I gotta go with the Jets this week.

Eagles over Falcons.  Not only that, but my Phillies go up 3 games to one later that day!!

Ravens over Raiders.  Not to cover, but they should barely squeak one out.

Cardinals over Panthers.  Should be a good game. 

Jaguars over Browns.  Jags should have continues success running the ball against Cleveland.

Texans over Bengals.  Both 0-for teams remain winless.

Steelers over Giants.  Should be a really good game.  (A Superbowl Preview?)  I had to give the nod to the home team.

JT O’Sullivan over Seneca Wallace.  I like Singletary to start his interim coaching career 1-0.  Niners win.

Titans over Colts.  A low scoring defensive game, but settled fairly early.

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