NFL 2008 – Week 4

Well, It’s that time again. Bob’s STRAIGHT UP Office Pool Picks:

Panthers over Falcons. I had a tough time with this one, and just gave the nod to the home team.

Bengals over Browns.  See Panthers over Falcons.

Jaguars over Texans.  I think I’ve picked the Jags every week so far, but I’m on a streak of 1 win.

Broncos over Chiefs.  The weather is still relatively nice, so look for Denver to air it out again.  I don’t know what they’ll do come winter, but for now I’m gonna stick with them.

49ers over Saints.  I’m starting to believe in Mike Martz’ offense with JT O’Sullivan at the helm.  Against the Saints anyway.

Cardinals over Jets.  Living in AZ for 12 years should have taught me one thing last week.  The Cards will never go 3-0.  3-1 on the other hand is doable, and the Jets looked horrible on MNF.  The Cards stayed out east for the whole week, so they should be ready to go.

Buccaneers over Packers.  Aaron Rogers, meet the Tampa 2 defense.  Good luck with that.

Titans over Vikings.  Adrian Peterson - 29 carries, 46 yards.  Still a close game settled by a special special teams play.

Chargers over Raiders.  Here come the Lightning Bolts!

**UPSET SPECIAL**  Rams over Bills.  Trent Green jump starts the Rams offense.  I forget the guy’s name, but Buffalo’s got a pretty key injury.

Cowboys over Redskins.  Seemed obvious.

Eagles over Bears.  Tough one.  Injuries, injuries, injuries.  I actually played a second pool with the Bears.

Ravens over Steelers.  Ravens play D like Philly, look for Roethlisberger/Leftwich/Dixon to get mauled again this week thanks to a weak O line and no Willie Parker.

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