NFL 2008 – Week 12

I almost wish I got more wrong last week, or all the games ended in a tie or something, but here are my goddamn picks for this week. I’m feeling 16-0.

Steelers over Bengals.  Somebody from PA’s gotta actually beat this team.
Ravens over Eagles. Yes, it is officially over.
Titans over Jets. I think I picked against the Jets every week, so why stop now.
Buccaneers over Lions.
Rams over Bears.
I def like the Rams plus the points if you can make it to Vegas to place a wager.
Pats over Dolphins. Pats won’t let Miami beat them twice.
Cowboys over 49ers.
Bills over Chiefs. Bills may have found their running game in MNF loss.
Browns over Texans. Move over Matt Ryan, here comes Brady Quinn.
Jaguars over Vikings. They’re at home.
Broncos over Raiders.
Panthers over Falcons.
Redskins over Seahawks.
Giants over Cards.
I pondered this one for a while, but I’m afraid Kurt Warner could get knocked out of this one.
Chargers over Colts. Still waiting for something to happen with the Bolts.
Packers over Saints. I’m tired of being fooled by the Pack.

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