Ned? Ned Ryerson?


Like quite a few other things I learned from my parents, I got the whole concept of Groundhog Day all fucked up (another was the lyrics to “Yankee Doodle.” Dont ask).  I’m not necessarily blaming them, it’s very possible I wasn’t listening.  See, I thought it was a good thing if Punxutawney Phil saw his shadow.  I thought it meant there were only six more weeks of winter left.  Today I learned that if he sees his shadow it means there are six more weeks of winter added on to the regular end of winter, not from today.  So seeing his shadow–not such a good thing.

I’m not sure how accurate he is, I usually have forgotten all about him after a day or so, let alone six weeks later.  Maybe that’s what weather people (excuse me, meteorologists) ought to do.  They should forecast the weather six weeks from now.  Not tomorrow, that’s too easy to check.  Too easy to be proven wrong.  I always sort of sympathized with weath– meteorologists.  I mean, they are the only people on the news who have to predict the future.  I doubt the anchor would fare so well having to predict tomorrows headlines.  Everybody else on the broadcast gets to just report what happened today, why not the w– meteorologist?  Why shouldn’t they get to just talk about the weather earlier that day, or even yesterday.  Or six weeks from now.

Of course here in Philadelphia, there are a couple things an anchor could predict pretty easily. A row home fire (although which block might be a tough guess), and lately the death of a police officer in the line of duty (car accident seems to be the recent trend).

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