More News Reporter Blooper Reel

I absolutely love these. Sorry about the poor quality of the first one, the guy just video’ed his TV, but I love the response of the anchor. They have no idea how to react.

And I think we have all felt this way:

Do you think she realized what she said?

Technically, the news reporter didn’t really mess up on this next one. I just love the girl’s last line.

Nice improv, Jack-ass

I missed the part where his cameraman says, “Okay, stand right there. Perfect.”

And a similar situation. I think the laugh track is from a studio audience at one of those Ed McMahon/Dick Clark blooper shows. Did anyone watch Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve this past NYE? He looked like one of those animated people from those old Christmas Specials. Haha, maybe Stroke-Miser.

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One Response to “More News Reporter Blooper Reel”

  1. Yes! New post! You’ve clearly been working on your writing skills. Good show :) Thank you so much for the genius of well…you!