Live Aid 3

Okay, raise your hand if you wish you were a little African baby all of a sudden. Just think, if Ms. Hayek had been around in 1985, we may never have been blessed with such songs as We Are The World, or Do They Know It’s Christmas Time? (and why were we rubbing Christmas in their faces anyway? They had it bad enough, did they really need to know we were having extravagant turkey dinners and exchanging lavish gifts?). Who knows, U2 may not have become as popular, Angelina Jolie would have a houseful of cats, and the Somali Pirates would be an international baseball team.

Quite the Butterfly Effect, huh?

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One Response to “Live Aid 3”

  1. I just have to say, why does she have to go to another country and reach out to them, are there not enough people in this country starving for a nice piece of breast.

    Now I’m hungry