Just A Couple Questions

Short post today.  I just had a couple questions that I’ve been pondering, and then an improvement (?) to my last post.

1.  Did pool supply stores start carrying billiard supplies because they got tired of answering the phone and saying, “No, the other kind of pool.” ? 

It really is a weird combo of inventory to have under the same roof if that’s not the case.

2.  Is there a more innocently inappropriate line from a song than this one from The Band’s song, The Weight:  And, you put the load right on me… ?  This is a serious question, I would love to hear some others.

And now the improvement:  In addition to hearing bands perform their hit albums from beginning to end in concert, I would love to hear other bands play some of the classic albums.  I mean, knowing that Robert Plant can’t hit those notes anymore is the main reason there was no Led Zeppelin on my list.  But I would love to hear Great White do Led Zeppelin !!.  Other suggestions?

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2 Responses to “Just A Couple Questions”

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