It’s Like They’ve Been Together For A Million Years

As the writer of every post and even some of the comments on this site, and probably the only person to have read every article here (I’d actually be scared if that second part weren’t true), I know there are two things that readers of this site have in common:  None of us quite understand how a woman thinks, and we are all harboring some vestige of a crush on an ’80s television star.  What if I told you I found a site that satisfies both of those things?

No.  It’s not  (What?  Too soon?). It’s Wake Up and Get Real (also linked below), and it’s the brainchild of Justine Bateman and Kelly Cutrone.  Yes, that Kelly Cutrone.  The internet talk show features the two friends in a split screen video display just, basically, keeping it real.

It is refreshing in this age of sanitized television and radio and water-cooler talk to hear honest opinions from real women as they babble (in a good, kind of ADD way) about current events, good gift ideas, shitty gift ideas, as well as their unique experiences.  At the risk of sounding like an idiot, I’ll admit that I’d never actually heard of Kelly, but she’s got a shitload of followers on Twitter, so she’s gotta know what she’s talking about.  And it goes without saying that I would pretty much believe anything Justine Bateman said.

Just check it out.  And check out Justine Bateman’s production and consulting company SECTION 5, as well as Kelly’s site

Sha-la-la-la.  Sit Ubu, Sit.  (dog barking) Good dog.

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11 Responses to “It’s Like They’ve Been Together For A Million Years”

  1. You’re the bomb to highlight WUAGR. Thanks for wathcing and supporting. Wish we could post more often.

  2. Okay Soupy, there is no, but you did make me look. Where do you come up with this shit.

    And I too would probably believe just about anything Justine Bateman said too.

    PS Post more than once a month Soup!

  3. I actually checked out the Wake Up And Get Real site when you added it to your links about a month ago. Ms. Bateman was and still is Must-See TV.

    Is that really her comment above?

    You seriously never heard of Kelly Cutrone before this? Where have you been Soupy?

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  5. Never heard of WUAGR til I was on your site. Checked it out & I did find it amusing- felt like I was watching two friends on skype. I grew up watching Justine and have watched Kelly on her Bravo show- sorry to hear it was cancelled. Will definitely check it out more often. I was going to go on a diet but think I’ll just dip into my baby’s leftover jar food- who knew?!

  6. Just discovered this blog thru Google, what a pleasant surprise!

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