I’m Back

Whew! Sorry about the long time between updates, I have been sick with whatever seems to be going around. It’s been horrible, I felt like my head was going to explode, but I’m not really one to complain.

Anyway, I am 10-3 so far on this week’s football picks, but am out of the running as far as winning it goes. There are like 5 people who have 2 wrong (which I can see) and 1 guy with 1 wrong (which I simply cannot believe), but hey. For what it’s worth I have Denver tonite and am looking for a fairly hi-scoring game.

I think I’ve officially abandoned my OVER the TOTAL formula. I haven’t been exactly thrilled with the results. We’ll see, it should get more accurate, or at least more consevative as the weeks go on.

PS I’m thinking about starting a blog war. I’ve gotta find someone whose blog I can just tear apart, at least that way maybe she’ll respond to my comments in her blog and her readers will be forced to look at my blog and maybe I’ll gain more readership that way. Notice how I just assumed it would be a girl’s blog. It’s not because I think a girl’s blog would be any less intelligent than mine, I am just less afraid of physical retribution from a girl.

So there you have it, look for the first shots to be fired in an all out Blog War coming soon.

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One Response to “I’m Back”

  1. Girls are funnier;) ahhahaah