I Told You So

Is it me or is Steadman looking more manly these days? Sorry Gail, looks like you’re out.

I called it in my post from January 22 of this year (click the word post to read it). When are people gonna start coming to TeeShirtSoup.com for their news? Maybe I’ll have to start a new segment called “News From The Future.”

Okay, so the cover is not exactly Oprah-less, but it’s her first shared cover in the nine year history of the mag. Here’s the story from the Huffington Post:

CHICAGO — After sharing the cover of her magazine with her slimmer self a couple months back, Oprah Winfrey is for the first time sharing it with somebody else: first lady Michelle Obama.

Winfrey showed off the cover of the April issue during “The Oprah Winfrey Show” broadcast Friday. The media mogul had gone solo on the “O” magazine cover for nine years.

In the issue that will hit the newsstands March 17, Winfrey interviews the first lady about topics ranging from her decorating philosophy to how she hopes she can help other women.

In the interview, Obama talks about her first weekend in the White House and how the Obama family sees it as their responsibility to make the White House what she calls the “people’s house.”

What the hell is a “decorating philosophy?” And don’t worry Mrs. Obama it will officially be called the “People’s House” when the Peoples Republic of China calls in its markers and wants to collect on all the debt we’ve racked up with them. What’s the vig on $3 Trillion anyway?

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3 Responses to “I Told You So”

  1. You are dead on with China.

  2. A few times on my drive home from work, I noticed a very eco-unfriendly gas guzzler with flip flop decals and a web address on the window taking the same route, and I was curious as to what type of T-Shirts would be sold on the website. I was obviously misled by false advertising. Instead of T-Shirts, I discovered this blog, and after reading through your posts, I have to say that although we come from COMPLETELY different sides of the aisle politically (I voted for our new president and support everything he is trying to do and wear the “liberal” banner proudly) I was surprisingly and thoroughly entertained! I will definitely stop by your blog again when I feel the need to be simultaneously amused and pissed off! I did find as I read that we do have something in common – a fondness for our city (warts and all) and a passion for our sports teams. I am a fan of all our teams, but especially the Phillies – and not because they just won the Series: I’ve had a partial season ticket package since they played at the Vet!. So even though we differ politically, we can show bipartisan support for our world champs and both say: GO PHILS! But in closing I can’t let our shared sports enthusiasm get in the way of the real issues… don’t you think your “monster truck” is better suited for Sarah the Moose Hunting Hockey Mom than for Kelly and Henry?

  3. haha this is funny! Good blog!