I Can Be Your Hero, Baby

I heard a commercial for a new male enhancement product during today’s morning commute.  It’s name, Hero Tabs, was presumably the idea of a “Rah Rah HR guy.”

Be a hero!  Please your lady everytime.  Just not in the workplace.

Anyway, according to this commercial (which I wish I could find for you guys, but here’s the  link to their website so you can at least read about the product and see I’m not bullshitting you) recent scientific studies have shown that an amino acid found in watermelon is instrumental in increasing both the size and staying power of the male sexual organ.

Really Doctor?  Watermelon?  Is that your diagnosis?

Gee I wonder how they figured that out.  Next, I suppose scientists will determine that a nutrient found in rice is a factor in many rear-end auto accidents.  Or that eating fried chicken can lead to dating 350-pound, blond, white women.  Or that a vitamin found in couscous could cause a hijacker to engage in erratic behavior, such as flying a plane into a building.

Thank you science for reinforcing racial stereotypes; but correct me if I’m wrong, shouldn’t you be working on new ones?

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4 Responses to “I Can Be Your Hero, Baby”

  1. First, I am glad I figured out the side thing that tells me recent updates.

    I get it now.

    Second, Who is Rah Rah HR Guy? Does he do Human Resources? I must know more.

    Third, you seem to be talking about penis a lot lately. uu/////@

    • Rah Rah HR guy’s just a figment of my imagination. You don’t know him. And I believe this is my first penis post in quite some time thanks for noticing.

  2. Seriously? You are moderating comments now? LAME, Soupy!

    • This is the second time you’ve commented on my moderation of comments. I assure you, as i assured you last time, I post every comment that is not obviously SPAM. I do however, due to some of my word and topic choices, receive a lot of SPAM, that I try to spare my readers from having to deal with. Not LAME, and you’re welcome.

      As always, thank you for reading and commenting.