Happy St. Patrick’s Day


As it turns out, St. Patrick was not a raging drunk who used to throw potatoes at school children from the window of his third floor Dublin flat. But he may very well have been the first known case of Stockholm Syndrome.

When Patrick (born Banna Venta Berniae Calpornius) was sixteen-ish, he was captured by Irish raiders and brought to the Emerald Isle where he remained a slave until his escape six years later. The bond between him and his captive island grew too strong for him to ignore, and upon entering the Church, he returned to Ireland as a missionary.

I guess that’s when he got rid of all the snakes.

On a somewhat related note, but having nothing to do with St. Patrick’s Day, I have yet another myth to dispel. It appears that the Native American woman who we affectionately refer to as Hiawatha was not named Hiawatha at all. Her actual name was just Awatha, and being a very friendly squaw, she said “hello” to many people, and they returned her greeting saying, “Hi Awatha.”

It had become such an inside joke in the Native American community, that whenever they heard us palefaces calling her Hiawatha, they would take a puff from their peace pipe. This joke or game was adapted in the 1970s and renamed “Hi Bob,” where viewers of the original Bob Newhart Show had to drink a sip of beer everytime a character said, “Hi Bob.”

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One Response to “Happy St. Patrick’s Day”

  1. Oh yes, I remember that game all too well. “Hi Bob.”