“Father, Forgive Them. They Know Not What They Do.”

“Absolutely it meant something,” Donovan McNabb’s father remarked of the timing of his son’s trade to the Redskins which went down on Easter Sunday 2010.  “We were celebrating Jesus’ resurrection, right?  Then we turn around and Donovan gets resurrected.  Just perfect.”

Perhaps his comparison was a bit grandiose.  But his po’ son sure do get persecuted for nuthin. Much like the late King of the Jews.  To hear Donovan or his parents tell it, he left Philadelphia with nail holes in his hands and feet, and a helmet of thorns perched upon his weary head.  Poor, poor fella.  In light of Mike Shanahan demonstrating his utter frustration with the “Future Hall of Famer” this past week, let’s compare Jesus’ and Donovan’s “Stations of the Cross.”  You know, just for fun.

Station 1
JESUS:  Jesus is condemned to death.
DONOVAN:  Donovan is booed when he is selected by the Philadelphia Eagles with the second overall pick.

Station 2
JESUS:   Jesus is given his cross.
DONOVAN:  Donovan has no offensive weapons, and is forced to distribute the ball to the likes of James Thrash and Todd Pinkston.

Station 3
JESUS:  Jesus falls for the first time.
DONOVAN:  The Eagles lose their first NFC Championship game to the St. Louis Rams.

Station 4
JESUS:  Jesus sees his mother.
DONOVAN:  The Eagles lose their second NFC Championship game to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Station 5
JESUS:  Simon helps Jesus carry his cross.
DONOVAN:  The Eagles lose their third straight NFC Championship game to the Carolina Panthers.

Station 6
JESUS:  Veronica wipes Jesus’ face.
DONOVAN:  Donovan throws up in the huddle during Superbowl XXXIX.

Station 7
JESUS:  Jesus falls for a second time.
DONOVAN:  Terrell Owens turns teammates against McNabb splintering the team’s leadership.

Station 8
JESUS:  Jesus meets the women of Jerusalem.
DONOVAN:  The Eagles tie the Cincinnati Bengals in a game because Donovan failed to grasp the rules of overtime.

Station 9
JESUS:  Jesus falls for the third time.
DONOVAN:  The Eagles lose their fourth NFC Championship game in five tries to the Arizona Cardinals.

Station 10
JESUS:  Jesus is stripped of his garments.
DONOVAN:  Donovan is intrumental in bringing his eventual replacement, Michael Vick, to the Eagles.

Station 11
JESUS:  Jesus is nailed to the cross.
DONOVAN:  McNabb is traded within the division.

Station 12
JESUS:  Jesus dies on the cross.
DONOVAN:  Donovan jokes with the press that Philly made a big mistake trading him away after a Redskins victory over his old team.

Station 13
JESUS:  Jesus’ body is taken from the cross.
DONOVAN:  Donovan is benched in favor of Rex Grossman in the last two minutes of a game against Detroit.

Station 14
JESUS:  Jesus is laid in the tomb.
DONOVAN:  The Redskins invite Jamarcus Russell to their complex for a workout.

Maybe Sam McNabb wasn’t that far off after all.  Ah-ah-ah-ah-men!

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