Less Miserable

In the midst of this economic crisis, which our congress in their infinite wisdom seeks to exacerbate, I’ve heard talk of revolution. Pundits and those prone to “fear mongering” claim it will not be an homage to the American Revolution, but will more likely resemble the French one.

I’m not a European historian, or a historian at all for that matter, I’m just a guy who doesn’t sell tee shirts on the internet (just like you, and I really like the music of Les Miserables), but I think there is one very important difference between what is happening here and what was happening in France. There are some commonalities: disenfranchisement, and the resentment of the people of one socio-economic class for the people of another, but the difference is fundamental.

In the days preceding the storming of the Bastille, the people’s resentment flowed up. The have-nots revolted against the haves. Now in America, that resentment seems to be directed downward. The middle class, which was virtually non existent in France (and one signature away from eradication here), is quickly tiring of footing the bill for the lower economic class in the form of new and hgher taxes. And in our case, our impending revolution, the government’s got the poor’s back, and the truly rich are barely involved at all.

Feeling their very survival is at risk, the first shot of this revolution, the “shot heard ’round the world” will surely come from the middle class. I fear this first misguided shot will be aimed at the government; and I further fear the intent of it will be misunderstood, misconstrued, and misreported (I think we all know what side the media’s on in this one).

Until the war, au revoir.

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3 Responses to “Less Miserable”

  1. Les Miz is the only broadway production I ever slept through….

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