Eating Crow

Here’s the pertinent part of one of my posts from a mere five weeks ago:

Ravens over Eagles. Yes, it is officially over.

I suppose I was half right, which is actually about how I did all season long, which is also why I stopped boring you guys with my weekly predictions. 

They really had me convinced they were done.  They convinced me when they needed a win last week against Washington to basically control their own destiny, and mustered 3 whole points.  They swayed me when they got the ball down 7 to the Redskins with 3:48 left, and managed to get 3 plays off before the 2-Minute Warning.

Anyway, I couldn’t be happier to be wrong, and getting to see the Cowboys season end twice in two weeks (I can’t tell you how happy I was to see the Celebrity Quarterback, already face down in the turf, put his hands over his head and bury his head even deeper in the Link’s grass, no doubt hoping he would awaken between Yoko Romo’s thighs). 

Now, I just hope the clock doesn’t become a factor next week in Minnesota. 

SUPERBOWL, Baby!!!!!!!!!


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