Dorks In The Dark


Am I the only one watching the show, Dating In The Dark ?  (aside from my wife that is)  This train wreck of a show puts three men and three women in a house where they ”date” without ever getting to see each other.  Each man has a compatibility match among the women, and then there is the moment of truth — they get to pick who they want to see revealed.  Then comes the second moment of truth.  Yes, I said “second moment of truth.” 

After the “reveal” they get to choose if they want to see each other again.  One of the suitors goes out to a balcony, then their counterpart either joins them on the balcony or exits out the front door.  The beauty of this is that the balcony is in the front of the house, so the guy or gal waiting on the balcony hears the front door open and shut, then sees the other person walking down the driveway.  It just sort of adds the right touch to the rejection.

And at least one rejection seems imminent each episode because the casting geniuses of this show have somehow found the right combination of average looking people, many of whom (the guys) seem to think they are more attractive than they really are.  My favorite part is watching the guys size each other up when they first arrive at the house.

Watch it in the right spirit and you won’t be disappointed.

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