Derby Weekend


Horses… beautiful, majestic animals, and they’re hung like, well… horses.  I don’t know shit about them other than that, but there is just something special about sitting in front of a television set on the first Saturday in May and watching the “Run for the Roses.”  It makes me nostalgic for a bygone age when horseracing was the shiznit, and boxing’s Heavyweight Champion was more recognizable than the President.

But like i said, I don’t know anything about horses (and I do like to gamble) so if you want the lowdown on the ponies for this weekend, check out my friend, Spaceman at EquiSpace.  He may not know much about them either, but at least he’s passionate about it.

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One Response to “Derby Weekend”

  1. Have you had a mint julip? YUCK!!! The Derby is kick ass, the hats are ridiculous and the beverage of choice is absolutely disgusting. Here here to American tradition!