Como Esta Usted?


Okay I’m just gonna put this out there, there are very few sounds that are sweeter than the Spanish language spoken with a British accent.  Try it.  If you are able to do a convincing British accent just say enchilada (en-chee-lah-dah), or better yet if you have an English friend call them up and invite them to Taco Bell.

Speaking of Spanish, I was at my first kids’ party featuring a pinata.  That was a real treat.  We should have just dressed the kids up in LA police uniforms because they took turns beating the shit out of a papier-mache picachu until I swear I heard it say, “Can’t we all just get along?”  Imagine a baseball bat being swung by a blindfolded kid who’s already earned the nickname ‘Bam-Bam.’  He wings Picachu, spilling a little candy onto the floor.  That sends the non-blindfolded kids scrambling for the loose booty (can’t wait to see the spam comments I’m gonna get for putting those two words together).  But wait, Bam-Bam’s still blindfolded, and Bam-Bam’s still got a Louisville Slugger.  Let’s just say my brother-in-law, stationed in the middle of the fracas, earned his piece of birthday cake. 

Trust me, from a safe distance the Pinata (Pihn-yah-tah) can be very entertaining.  It’s popularity in the Mexican culture is evidenced by the fact that they may be the only group of people who can make kids quickly enough to replace the ones who get dropped by a wayward stick or candy frenzy.

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