Comment Challenge I

In an effort to post new material daily, yet still provide the same pulitzer-caliber quality you’ve grown used to, I am introducing a new recurring feature to the page. Basically, when I run out of shit to write, I will post a picture (or a video like last post) and ask you guys to flex your comedic chops.


As always I will get the ball rolling with an example or two. And I am also fully aware that I will be one of the few people actually participating. (Hats off to SimonCowellSucks for his winning contribution to the last post!)

Tiger: Breast cancer huh? That sucks. I always thought your wife had really nice tits.

Tiger: Hey, after this I’m heading over to Milledgeville to meet up with Ben Roethlisberger. You should come.

Okay, your turn. Go.

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4 Responses to “Comment Challenge I”

  1. When did they start selling Masters’ jackets in the Sears Catalogue?

  2. Hey, this jacket works when you are wearing the matching assless chaps!

  3. It’s the lead anchor and weatherman from the new multicultural network ready for a ratings battle against Ron Burgundy and his crack news crew… And fuck you San Diego.

  4. Tiger: My doctor told me if I kept banging aging porn stars my head would get smaller and smaller until it finally disappears. Fucking quack!