Baby Chicken


I was engaged in a game of Baby Chicken with my wife the other evening (no, not the one that involves a dozen eggs, feathers, and an empty paper towel tube. We were both fully clothed, thank you very much). I should mention that I’m not even sure she was aware we were playing, and I guess it would read more accurately if I called it Baby. Chicken. I’m sure you parents out there know what I’m talking about, it usually happens when you are in bed and you hear your baby (the love of your life, who you cherish more than anything in the world) start to fuss in their crib, and you immediately close your eyes and pretend you are asleep. The object of the game, like with all variations of the game “Chicken,” is to force your opponent to blink first.

Well I lost, either she’s really good at Baby Chicken (still not the one with the eggs and the tube) or she really was asleep. I’ll never know, and she’ll never tell me.

She did manage to get our six month old twins onto a schedule over the past few weeks (I say “she” because although I helped, most of the heavy lifting was done while I was at work) using the Ferber Method. That’s where you let your children cry it out. It’s kinda like Baby Chicken (no, still not that one), but now your baby’s got some skin in the game too. And believe me you don’t wanna blink before them. She was very successful and had them on pretty much the same schedule.

Anyway, something happened over this past weekend (why do these things always happen when I’m there screwing with the schedule?) and now as soon as one baby dozes off for their nap, the other wakes up and vice versa. It’s not like having twins at all, it’s like having one baby that’s awake 24 hours a day. And that is really making it difficult for my wife and I to finish our other game of Baby Chicken (and I’m starting to worry that the eggs have gone bad).

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8 Responses to “Baby Chicken”

  1. Ewwwww.

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