Abe? Honestly?

I was watching TV the other night, as I do from time to time, and an absolutely stupid commercial came on for TD Bank. Regis and Kelly (and I’m actually a fan of both) are interviewing Abraham Lincoln. I should mention that it was actually just an actor playing Abe Lincoln; it’s not like they went the extra mile and interviewed the exhumed body of our 16th President. Anyway, he’s bitching about being on the penny and what a useless coin it is and how people don’t even stoop to pick one up off the ground. And how it’s all about George Washington and the dollar bill.

News flash, Abe: You’re also on the five dollar bill. Did you forget that? Your actual worth in currency is $5.01, whereas George’s is only $1.25.

If anyone has a right to complain it’s Thomas Jefferson (or an actor portraying him). He’s on the nickel–the big, dumb nickel. He was on the two dollar bill, but that was discontinued because it too was stupid. So his value went from $2.05 to a measly $0.05. And poor Ike, the dime is smaller than the penny (It’s not the size of the coin, but the jingle in your pocket). I know they tried to make it up to him with the girthy silver dollar, but that was short-lived.

So see Abe, you don’t have it that bad. If you want to get angry about anything, how about the way your legacy was hijacked by Obama. Aside from being tall and from (most recently) Illinois, I am having a hard time finding any similarities. Lincoln believed that a President must act on his principles and make tough decisions, regardless of the political consequences. That sounds an awful lot like Bush 43. I’m not sure yet about Obama, unless of course his principles told him to vote “present” 130 times.

Here’s a scary thought, Abe: Ask 100 modern day liberals what party you represented, and I’ll bet you 90 of them would say you were a Democrat. I’m not sure how they did it, but the left has planted their rainbow flag in you and the right is having a hard time convincing people that you were indeed a Republican, and a pretty right leaning one at that.

This is the second time BHO has tried to link himself to a President whose policies and actions got them assassinated (I’m glad he let the Clintons hang on to Camelot even though “Blackie O” is one of the funniest, albeit hateful and racist, nicknames I ever heard for any First Lady).

Ooooh, I just thought of another similarity. The new President makes me seriously consider if secession is a viable alternative.

YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST: Just a hunch, but look for Michelle Obama to appear on the first Oprah-less cover of O, The Oprah Magazine.

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8 Responses to “Abe? Honestly?”

  1. I love your monetary analogy : )
    It makes you wonder why people spewww out things without even checking their facts, doesn’t it?
    In that same analogy, Ben Franklin and Alexander Hamilton did pretty good, haven’t they? Considering they were no even presidents. : )

    Yes, indeed, Lincoln was the first Republican; that is something that has baffled me about Obama; you would think that he would model himself after FDR or John Kennedy, as opposed to Lincoln.

    I have no problem with it really; there is nothing wrong with Obama modeling himself after a great president, but there is a problem with people comparing him to Lincoln when he has not even been in office for a week. Even Lincoln had to prove himself, didn’t he?

    Lately, I have been pondering the idea of secession myself. After all, the states do still legislate themselves to a large degree. The only thing that really needs to be Federalized is the military, when you think about it.

    So, we all keep our National Guard, per each state, and pay a tax toward a Federal military and Homeland Security, then we are done.
    I am not saying that is the most viable solution, but it is certainly something worth considering.


  2. Extra credit question: Which US coin contains the likeness of both Lincoln and Washington?

  3. So, this blog makes a lot of good observations – I will have to look into this more but I think I pretty much agree and will most certainly be back – Cheers!

  4. I hope the Dems lose the house in November. I don’t hate them or anything i just think that government works best when both parties have some power. In my lifetime I think the Government was working best during Reagans and Clintons presidencies and were at its worst during Obamas and Bush II’s.When one party controls everything it seems like its most corrupt and usually the other party sells its soul to the Devil to get back in power.

  5. Republicans want want failure, they want things like the insurance companies to continue to rake in billions and to keep the unwealthy at a disadvantage. The infrastructures portion was what we needed to get us going in advancing our country to come into the present but the old conservatives who want to go back to the “simpler times” (ie. slavery, and racial discrimination via lower education). Our country and everyday people need help due to bad financial policy and they are just not getting it. Who is getting it? Big business. God bless America.

  6. Funny part is that the Republican party was formed to FREE the slaves (which the Democrats opposed). Martin Luther King was a Republican. And now they have their own ‘Coffee Party” full of children of the rich and people (of all colors) are ready to fall at their feet. By the way, do you know the difference between the Republican and Democrat parties? Republicans are rich greedy company owners who never worked a day in their lives and Democrats are the children of the rich greedy company owners that are still rebelling against their rich greedy Republican parents. And until Mommy and Daddy stop taking care of them, they will continue to do so. The worse part about it is, the hard working Americans are the ones stuck in the middle because somebody has to work so the money can keep rolling in. Oh, that’s right, Clinton (another poor little rich boy) sent all the good jobs overseas when he signed NAFTA so all the rich, greedy, company owners could pay kids 50 cents a day in sweat shops. (It’s legal over there)

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