A Moral Conundrum


If you knew Hitler was going to become Hitler before he became Hitler, what would you do?  Would you try to stop him?  By any means necessary?  Would you have a responsibility to humanity to do so?  This is basically the premise of Stephen King’s The Dead Zone.  His main character stopped his Hitler (Greg Stillson), just not in the way he thought.

I would probably be the “I told you so guy” after he came to power.  I’d probably quietly complain (certainly no blogging) to close friends about him.  I’m sure I would get more and more frustrated as he got closer to assuming power, wondering how so many people could be so blind. Sure, it would be romantic to think I’d be the guy who swings in and saves the day, but I don’t really see myself as that guy.

How about you, if you knew someone was absolutely going to change the course of history for the worse, what would you do?

Maybe like John Smith (The Dead Zone), we can only force him to the point where he brings about his own end — the point where there is enough transparency for everyone to finally see his true nature.

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