A Little Housekeeping

In an earlier post I pondered that age-old question: What ever happened to the youngest daughter on the show Family Matters? One day in season 4 she went upstairs and just never came back down. And no one ever mentioned her again. I know if one of my relatives went up to his room never to return, we would certainly talk about him — alot. Now I did fall asleep for a half hour during my company’s diversity training, maybe this is a regular occurence in African-American families. I just don’t know.

Anyway I did find out what happened to the young Ms. Judy Winslow, and apparently there was a webcam in her room, along with a substantial cache of drugs and alcohol.

Jaimee Foxworth (who played Judy), like so many before her, decided to leave television and pursue a film career. After years in rehab (a pre-requisite for any aspiring film actress) and after a judge ruled that she had to use her $500,000+ trust fund to bail her family out of bankruptcy, Foxworth chose a new name — Crave — and began her movie career, one that lasted 12 films. Oh, did I mention they were porno movies (including such blockbuster titles as More Black Dirty Debutantes 30, Booty Talk 20: Super Fine Sistas!, Hot Girlz, Adventures of Peeping Tom #28, More Black Dirty Debutantes 32, I wonder if she reprised her role from MBDD 30, and My Baby Got Back 29 ) So let’s see 12 movies, I guess that means her film career lasted about a month or so.

She apparently now works part-time at a talent agency her mother owns, but she wants to get back into mainstream actressing again. I’ll tell you what, if that little Richie kid from Family Matters ends up murdered, I think I know who I’d talk to first. I’m just saying.

Now, on another unrelated note. Were Mike and Carol Brady so strict that they forced Alice to wear her uniform everyday, or did she just feel more comfortable in it herself? Just curious.

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3 Responses to “A Little Housekeeping”

  1. And now if we can just figure out what ever happened to Richie Cunningham’s brother Chuck.

    Oh, and just saying, just another major initiative being signed today by our POTUS and another 300 point drop in the Dow. Absolute coincidence I’m sure.

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