5 People From 2008 Whose Names I Never Needed To Know

One of those obligatory Year-In-Review list thingies.

5. Brody Jenner.  I actually just learned his name this past week. Lucky me. I’m sure by the middle of ’09 I’ll be sick to death of him, but I have to admit I am very intrigued by his reality show, Bromance.  Is he aware it’s basically The Bachelor with reject contestants from The Bachelorette.  I guess he couldn’t wait for eHarmony to finish developing their same sex dating site.

4. Debbie Phelps. Umm, we assumed he had a mother. I mean he swam down somebody’s birth canal, right? And now she has a clothing deal? Are you kidding me?

3. Rod Blagojevich. C’mon Rod, you’re making it tough for the blind governor of New York to make any profit on Hillary’s seat. And he was looking at some of that Kennedy money.

2. Jon or Kate Gosselin. I know they’ve been around for 3 seasons now, but this year they really seem to be trying to milk those kids for every last dime with appearances and a new book just in time for the holidays. Maybe they just need to make as much as they can before their inevitable divorce.

1. Brooke Hogan. First of all, if you are trying to garner attention with some sexy pics, make sure they’re not of you and your father. Besides you should really stick to music.

Everybody have a happy new year, and please be careful tonite; I can’t afford to lose any readers. If something happens and you do get arrested, make sure you tell all the other people in the holding cell about TeeShirtSoup.com

Happy New Year,

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