There was a major flaw in my plan to avoid coverage of the most historic-al inaguration yesterday. I guess I wasn’t expecting people to still be talking about it today.

Wrong Bush, Jackasses

Ah, the classy Obama-Nation. I guess the new President has already failed in his first task (a task assigned to him by a media that wants him to succeed so badly that news anchors get tingly feelings in their legs at the mere mention of his name). Wasn’t his election supposed to unite people? Wasn’t his (am I supposed to capitalize “his” now?) election supposed to bring an end to hate? I suppose we can still blame Bush for a while. After all, the person that defaced the Bush monument (pictured) must have been a “child left behind,” since he vandalized the monument of the wrong damn George Bush.

The media is not the only group proficient in Bush bashing. I saw an interview with Nancy Pelosi last week sometime, and the interviewer (I forget who it was) was trying to get her to admit that her congress had approved the bailouts. She kept responding (in her melodious voice), that it was the administration’s plan. Here we go again, it’s just like during elections when a candidate blames the current administration for the ills of the country. Meanwhile, the candidate was also a member of government and should bear some responsibility as well. But no one ever calls them on it. In defense of Obama, it has been cold here in the northeast since his oath of office, so I guess he’s got Global Warming under control. And to think, I was going to consider his presidency a success if he just didn’t do anything too socialistic like finally force us to convert to the metric system.

When I was a kid, I learned that in economic matters (like the bailouts) Congress holds the purse-strings. I learned that a long time ago. I guess it was around the same time I learned that you have to be born in the United States to run for President. Maybe that was all wrong.

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