2008 Wildcard Weekend – Part 2

Game 3: Rookie quarterbacks are 0-1 in these playoffs, and I give the Dolphins the edge in that department. That said, everyone knows that defense wins championships, and I expect the Ravens’ #1 overall defense to make Pennington look like the rookie. Baltimore, and it’s not even close.

Ravens 38. Dolphins 10.

Game 4: If the Eagles can play like they did last week, it’s a no-brainer. The running game is the key for both teams. If the Birds can shut down AP, Tarvaris Jackson shouldn’t be able to beat them due to Philly’s embarrassment of riches in the secondary.

I don’t expect Westbrook to have an easy time rushing the ball (at least for the first three quarters), McNabb will have to get the ball to him in space. McNabb’s also going to have to make some things happen with his legs to open up the passing game. This one’s closer than it needs to be.

Eagles 23. Vikings 17.

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6 Responses to “2008 Wildcard Weekend – Part 2”

  1. Note to editor (if there is one) of teeshirtsoup: Regarding your pick on the Baltimore-Miami game, the Ravens are actually the #2 overall defense in the league. So as not to leave you scrambling for information to correct the error, I can confidently tell you that the PITTSBURGH STEELERS are the #1 overall defense in the league. That being said, those dudes in Baltimore are nasty and I concur with your assessment of the outcome. Also, do you know if Patrick Swayze’s brother answered Bob’s invite to hook up on eHarmony? Inquiring minds want to know!

  2. To Dave,
    Thanks for taking the time to point out my error. Alot of people wouldn’t have done that. I, your humble editor, wish to offer my most sincere apology and gratitude for supplying the correct information right there in your comment.

    It’s funny that you mentioned Bob, as he is responsible for giving me the bad info on the Ravens’ defense ranking. He said he thought he overheard Don and Patrick Swayze arguing about it, but when I talked to him yesterday he told me it turned out they were just arguing over who was the better Karate Kid, Ralph Macchio or Hillary Swank.

    PS I thought I was gonna get the Eagles’ score right on the dot.

  3. Maybe you should scrap the tee shirts totally and sell your picks? You’re on fire, and I’ll be jumping on the divisional picks fo’sure. Happy New Year.

  4. As much as I like to toot my horn from time to time, Before you place any wager keep in mind that past performance is no guarantee of future results. People can and do lose money. Gambling problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER.

    Besides, I’m having a tough time with this weekend’s games so far.

  5. funny shit god thats cool.

  6. my God, i thought you were going to chip in with some decisive insght at the particular end there, not leave it