2008 NFL Season Kickoff

Yes, football is here!  And that means office pools, fantasy football, and legal sportsbooks in Las Vegas.  Fantasy football seems like way too much work to me, and with 4 week old twins I definitely don’t have that kind of time.

Like many of you, I do take part in an office pool where you just pick the winners straight up with no point spread.  I will post my picks here to either help you guys with yours or to give you guys something to compare your results with.

Also last year, I developed a system for picking OVER/UNDERs.  More accurately, it picks over games.  It is an admittedly conservative system and only picked 16 games all of last season.  That being said, I was 12-2-2, and the two losses were games I never would have bet on because of winter weather.  I will also post those picks as I have them.  There are none this week, because it depends on at least one week of previous performance.

Anyway, here are my office pool picks for Week 1 (yes, I realize there was a game last nite, I forgot to post this yesterday):

Giants over Redskins.  Yea, the Giants lost 35 sack from last year, but I think Washington is really gonna stink this year.

Rams over Eagles.  Probably not going to happen, and I’ll be happy to be wrong, but the Eagles never win their opener.  And you gotta pick some upsets, right?

Lions over Falcons.  The Falcons are just such a disaster.  They were actually happy when they heard Russia invaded Georgia; they thought they wouldn’t have to play this year.

Ravens over Bengals.  Honestly, I flipped a coin. 

Bills over Seahawks.  Long trip for Seattle to face a quick and improved (yet again) Bills team.

Jets over Dolphins.  Jets’ new QB vs. Jets’ old QB + Parcells.  I’ll give the slight nod to Favre.  Maybe he came back to disprove the Madden curse.

Patriots over Chiefs.  It might better serve the Patriots to lose this one, and get it out of the way before the Superbowl (HAHAHAHAHA), but I don’t see any way they can.

Saints over Buccaneers.  I’ll always take the Saints at home after a hurricane.  Besides, I think Drew Brees finally gets the credit he deserves this year.

Steelers over Texans.  Certain games you just circle without giving too much thought as you go down the pool the first time.  This is one of those games.

Jaguars over Titans.  If Jax comes out anywhere near where they ended last year, look for them to wrest the division away from the Colts.

Cowboys over Browns.  Pains me too, but Dallas is gonna be tough to beat this year, unless Tony Romo starts dating Hannah Montana.

Chargers over Panthers.  I never know which Carolina team is gonna show up from year to year, and I think SD will get off to a better start than they did last year.

Cardinals over 49ers.  Another no-brainer.  I think AZ reaches the post-season this year.

Colts over Bears.  Seemed obvious.

Vikings over Packers.  Packers distracted during camp and preseason vs. Minnesota running game.

Broncos over Raiders (24-17).  I just like Denver, and I didn’t get one MNF game wrong last year.


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