Archive | January, 2010

What’s Your Sign?

I haven’t been in a supermarket — for more than a few gallons of milk — in at least two months.  And it’s probably been longer than that since I was “full-fledged” grocery shopping on a weekend.  Well, until today. Okay, so what the hell is the deal with the obtrusive cardboard displays full of product littering every [...]

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The Benefit Of The Doubt

 –I was walking into a supermarket with my wife a few years back.  A car zipped in front of us and pulled into a first space — a “one-sy” — a handicap spot, hung his placard on the rearview, and walked ahead of us into the store.  No limp.  No nothin’. ME:  Man that pisses [...]

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Mailing It In

  I’ve been burning the proverbial candle at both ends with a house full of sick people and a whole bunch of year-end shit at work, but I resolved to post more often (lucky you), so here’s another of my short stories.  ‘Short’ being the operative word. Scene From A Car   “Dude, what is [...]

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