Archive | August, 2009

Just A Couple Questions

Short post today.  I just had a couple questions that I’ve been pondering, and then an improvement (?) to my last post. 1.  Did pool supply stores start carrying billiard supplies because they got tired of answering the phone and saying, “No, the other kind of pool.” ?  It really is a weird combo of [...]

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Summer Concert Series Suggestion

We’ve all gone to concerts where either the band doesn’t play any of their old stuff, or when they do you can’t recognize it because they’ve fucked with it so much.  I know, it can be very frustrating (pronounced fustrating). It is in that spirit that I address the many bands from my youth, complete [...]

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Sunday, Monday Entourage… Tuesday, Wednesday Entourage…

I thought I had seen every episode of the HBO series Entourage, but I must have missed the one a few seasons back where a fisherman caught a tiger shark off the Santa Monica Pier, and then rather than killing it, it was agreed that the shark would be kept penned in a circular net [...]

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